home-survey-iconThis survey is designed to be filled in by a group of people across your program, project or organization.

You can use the questions to spark conversation with a group of adults and youth, or each person can fill it in and share ideas after. This survey works best when both youth participants and adult supporters with different experiences and roles are involved.

The only difference between the two surveys is that some questions are reworded to ask youth participants their direct experience where as the ‘Adult Supporter’ questions are worded to ask from the administrative or facilitative perspective. The question numbers are comparable between surveys.

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Privacy is very important to us. Your information will remain confidential and only be shared by people if you choose to send them a link. At the end of this survey we will ask some information that you can choose to fill in or not. The mandatory fields are your name and email, these are simply so that we can send you a link to the results.

In order to improve RESPECT, we may look at the overall trends of hundreds of users in a way that does not disclose personal information. The aggregate data may be looked at to improve RespectYouth.com as a resource. Read the full privacy policy.