Applying RESPECT

These Case Studies are examples of how RESPECT has been applied to help integrate youth voice and leadership into organizations and institutions. RESPECT Principles can be  applied in planning initiatives, designing events, or to assess next steps. 

Case Study 1: Designing Events
Intergenerational Forum on Youth Voice & Leadership, Pictou County, Nova Scotia
On May , 2016, over 60 people from across generations gathered to explore the theme of youth leadership in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. The Intergenerational Forum was designed to be an intergenerational conversation on how to better include youth in civic life. The Forum included youth from three high schools and adults from non-profits, businesses, municipal councils, and public institutions. Read more…

Case Study 2: Youth Leaders Set Goals 
Youth Leadership Forum, Tri-Counties, Nova Scotia
On October 21, 2016, roughly 60 students (grades 7-12) and 20 adults from eight schools across the Tri-Counties participated in a youth leadership event in South Western Nova Scotia. The purpose of the Youth Leadership Forum was: 1) for youth to assess the strengths, challenges and opportunities in their schools, and to set goals and develop action plans for moving forward; 2) to provide opportunities in schools to develop action plans that could help them join the Health Promoting Schools program, thus filling an upcoming youth service gap. Read more…

Case Study 3: Municipal Youth Committee 
Youth Leadership Action Committee, Town of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Late 2017, the Town of New Glasgow moved into action to form the Youth Leaders Action Committee. The committee consists of 10 young people aged 15-35, three councillors, the Mayor, and the Director of Community Development. The decision was supported by the outcomes from the Intergenerational Forum (Case Study 1) and other engagement sessions where community members requested a youth-friendly avenue to participate in civic life. The Town and the Youth Leadership Action Committee integrated the seven RESPECT Principles in the design and start of the youth committee. Read more…